Tutoring Subjects

Computer Subjects: Learn computer lingo – What is a Menu Bar and Taskbar?
Personalize your Start Menu, Desktop, and Screen Saver
Organize My Documents
What is the Control Panel
Windows Updates
Save files to a USB/Flash Drive
Get the most out of Windows 7’s new features.
Software Programs: MS Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, and PowerPoint – versions 2007 – 2013
Windows Media Player
Windows Photo Gallery
Learn how to install and uninstall programs.Plus Windows 8!
Ditigal Cameras: How to transfer picture to your computer.
How to print a contact sheet.
How to upload pictures to a photo printing website.
Learn basic editing techniques.
Internet Browsers: Learn internet safety
How to save and organize favorites
How to set your homepage.
Learn how to set/clear History and Cookies.
Internet Hotspots: Facebook
…and many more.
Learn how to set up an account and navigate these popular websites.
iPods and iTunes: How to navigate itunes.
How to download music.
How to create playlists.
Other topics: Get the most out of your email program.
The importance of strong passwords.
What is an eBook?
How can I watch movies on my computer?
I want to share photos online.
I want to start a blog.
I need to make a flyer for the church bake sale.
I want to start a personal website for family and friends. Try WordPress or Blogger!
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