Keyboard Shortcuts

Looking for some great keyboard short cuts? Here are three that I use regularly:

Ctrl + b = bold

Ctrl + u = underline

Ctrl + i = italics

All you need to do is highlight the text you would like to customize and then hold the Ctrl key down while you press the correct letter key. That’s it, another three-step how-to. And for the most part these shortcuts will work with any text you are typing whether it is in Gmail, AOL, MSN Hotmail, or any MS Office program.


Quick desktop personalization

Welcome to my “how to” blog. Stop by frequently to get a quick tip. Todays “how to” is personalizing your desktop in a flash.

Have you just received the cutest photo of the grandchildren? Or perhaps you just shot the best photo ever of your loveable pet. How would you like to enjoy that sweet picture every time you start-up your computer? Here are three quick steps to make that photo you desktop picture.

1. While viewing the picture, whether you just opened it in email or uploaded it from your camera, right click on the picture with your mouse.

2. From the menu that appears, click Set as desktop background.

3. Close or minimize all your open windows and you will see that wonderful picture as your desktop photo.